Will Krouse

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Hi, I'm Will, a 24-year-old autistic individual in Florida. I love reading. I enjoy playing board games, tennis, and pickleball.

I'm learning to code. My favorite part are the meta-skills. For example, the debugging mindset is always useful for fixing problems.

I find the complexity of current events and politics really interesting. I enjoy articles that significantly change my understanding. I really like Tangle because it offers perspectives from all sides. I dislike when people assume the worst of their opponents and when I can't tell who's right because no one addresses the best arguments from their opponents.

I am on the autism spectrum, so I sometimes misunderstand people's tones and vibes or send the wrong ones. Your patience and feedback are appreciated!

I built this site on Val Town.


I copied the formatting from Valjean Clark and was inspired by his design.